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Raise Seed Capital For Projects With No Upfront Fees

I am excited to report that we have a connection with a private funding program that can help selected companies  raise Capital for projects risk-free with no upfront fees out your pocket, provided that you meet certain conditions that we are going to lay out below.

This Capital Investor is interested in Private corporations in the following countries/cities: Western Europe countries, London UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, and Canada.(for the rest of the countries certain conditions do apply).Established Private corporations must be making a difference in their local communities and have projects  in  need of Seed Funding.

Projects must create immediate employment opportunities. They must hire at least 90% of local talent, therefore, proving that they are playing a role in sustaining the economy in their cities.

Current and ongoing projects that need additional risk free cash injection are also welcome provided they meet the job creation requirement.

The funding is done through a simple SBLC Buy and Sell JV Program which the details will be given to those who pre-qualify as per the terms below.

Pre- Qualification:

1) Applicant corporate bank account must be in #top30 rated/ top 30 largest banks global banks (no 3rd party accounts accepted).

2) Must have a relationship level 11 or higher – bank officer (investment bankers) capable to open a line of credit of minimum 5B against an asset.

3) Corporate document signatory must be the same signatory to the corporation’s bank account (applicant company must own this account)

4) The corporate bank account must be inside…any Countries in Western Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, and Dubai, USA (HSBC –Florida USA only..the list will be updated once other banks have been allowed) For countries outside this area can still participate if their Bank officer can open a mirror account of their corporate account in Europe.For example your corporate account may be with Barclays  in South Africa, your officer can open a mirror account in London, UK. This does not guarantee that you will be accepted in the program , the compliance team still has the last say,but if this process is workable for you and you can still apply.

5) JV Applicant’s level 11 or higher investment bank officer must review, approve, and confirm the buy and sell (deed of agreement =DOA). An official email from your banker to you his/her Client approving and confirming our DOA will suffice. In case they have agreed to open a mirror account for your corporation we will need to have a confirmation and we would need to have your bank contact information as well.

Important Remarks :

  1.  Signatories of corporations will be given priorities.
  2.   No Fraudulent submissions will not be tolerated if it is believed that we are not dealing with the actual signatory we will reject your request for information.


2 Fill up your information below and you will be able to download the application

If your Corporate Bank is not located in the regions mentioned above your application will be put on hold