Do you need a Surety Bond or a Performance Bond?


Do you need a Surety Bond or a Performance Bond?

Our provider can support your exports or projects by providing a performance bond or surety bond on behalf of the supplier/contractor.

 1. Firstly, the seller or the contractor submits their PG request in terms of signed SPA or contract.

2. After that, we will review the trade deal between the exporter and the importer or contractor and developer. And also, will inform the parties about our consent of their request and introduce them to our provider.

3. You then receive a service agreement from the provider. On the other hand, the provider will inform also about our admin charges to move ahead.

4. Once the agreement is signed and the admin charges are paid, we will start to process their PG request.

5. Further, we will send the MT760 draft to the client for their review. Also, we will request them to pay the PG issuance fee and provide further documents.

6. Once we received the approved draft and PG charges, the provider will proceed right away! Further, He will open the performance guarantee or a surety bond from their European bank account .and this PG/SB will be issued via Swift MT760. The provider guarantees that the entire process will not take more than 2 banking days.

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