Project Funding Through Managed Trade Progams


Project Funding Through Managed Trade Progams


We can facilitate raising capital for any infrastructure and renewable energy projects anywhere in the world except sanctioned countries. We are a Canadian company and the funding program is administered in the USA.

Our procedures to apply for Project funding program are simple and requires your participation as well.

For Small Projects Less Than 50M

  • Participation requires a minimum investment of 500K which is returned back to you with the first tranche of payment.
  • Willingness to fill out an application promptly
  • Willingness to demonstrate proof of funds for due diligence purpose
  • The program runs from 50 days to 12 Months
  • Returns and profits are very high details are available to those who qualify
  • The investment will be secured and Insured for the duration of the program
  • Additional Security of your Investment will be provided in the detailed overview

For Projects of 50M to 1 Billion

  • Participation required is a minimum of 10M with the same requirements as above and the returns are significantly higher than any traditional trading programs. Therefore this program is strictly for the purpose of raising capital for large projects.
  • The program is available worldwide.

To request a detailed overview of each program please  fill out the form below:


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