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We can list your shovel ready project to a market place of financiers who are willing and ready to look at your project and engage with you directly. 99% of projects don't get funded not because they aren't feasible. Most of them lack structure to share the most crucial information that the financiers need to make a decision and engage with your project.We have access to a market place that will help you structure your project information and increase the chances of connecting with the right private lender.



MEGA-Project Finance Through Managed Trade programs

Mega-projects ( 100M +) can be funded through leveraging the power of asset based lending combined with OTC trading.Qualified clients must be considered sophisticated investors having a thorough understanding of SBLC buy/sell transactions. This operation is done under a special vehicle entity that you as a project sponsor and the OTC asset provider create to operate buy/sell SBLC transactions and then you split the profits evenly.Thus the capital for your mega project can be raised very quickly and risk free .Once your goal to raise the amount needed is riched the SPV will dissolve.

Note: This program may be changed or become filled and withdrawn from availability without prior notice.

  • Project Direct Finance Quick Facts

  • A track record of having handled successfully multi-million projects in the last 10 Years.

  • An Established Seasoned Corporate Account @ Top Largest Global Banks (Note that certain countries are excluded in this funding programe

  • The applicant must have direct access to an investment banker who has authority and is willing and able to open a line of credit against a pre-finance guarantee in the form of SBLC

  • The Investment Bank officer must be able and willing to open SPVA/Margin Account with 2 Signatories( JV Partners namely the Provider of the SBLC and the Receiver)e

  • The Line of credit and Margin Account are for SBLC Buy/Sell private transactions of 5 Billion euros or more. 

  • Private Debt Finance & Equity Debt Finance

  • We can list your shovel ready project information into a market place of global Project Financiers who are willing and ready to look to invest directly into your project. 99% of projects don't get funded not because they will not be profitable.The main reason is the challenge of connecting and engaging with with right financing partners and the ability to know what information that financiers look for to make an informed decision towards financing your project.We assist you to structure your project information and list to our our exchange program, where our  credible project financiers who have registered , are able to immediately view all listings and engage with you to advance your financing. Is your project shovel ready? Do you have the following agreements/permits/licenses and reports :

    Project Plan(Business plan)

    Applicable Permits and Permissions

    Feasibility Study from an Independent Credible Entity

    PPA/Off-take/Licensing Agreements

    Key Personnel Resolution statement

    You will be responsible of all project initiation costs as well as closing costs are you willing and ready to cover these costs ?

  • For Projects Located In Africa

  • We have access to a network of financiers that are ready and willing to provide finance for all projects in the region of Africa starting from 20M and up.These financiers have been pre-registered to a project finance market place which we represent as a Regional Manager for Africa.Mega projects in any type of industry can apply. Project finance consultants are welcome to send an inquiry provided you are willing to let us work directly with the project sponsors and your commissions are protected. For all project sponsors you can click at the link below and fill out a pre-qualification form to help us understand at what level your project is at and what's going to take to get it listed to the market place


    Do you have a shovel ready project that require immediate funding?


    Sofiya Consulting is not a lender we are a team of consultants that have a direct connection to a project finance market place, contact us for more details.


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