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Sofiya offers Management consultant services in all characteristics of each project to ensure its venture and provide progressive results over time. As a mine management consultant, our goal is to ensure our clients gain the accurate information to analyze their decisions and make the investment needed which sustain their competitive advantage in the mining industry.

Bridge The Project Finance Gap

Bridging the gap by Creating high performance and joint venture between buyers and worldwide suppliers will ensure rebuilding a strong and sustainable Global supply chain.For example many small and medium companies do not necessary possess the know-how to locate the suppliers needed to move beyond the design stage. They simply do not have the resources to fully leverage the global supply chain. Sofiya does it for you.

Collateral Transfer Facilities

We have a relationship with a network of private investors and private lenders who are able to meet your financial needs regardless the type of project and the dollar amount reqired.Some of the financing options is that our providers can transfer a collater in the form of Bank instruments such as SBLC(Standby Letter of Credit)or BG (Bank guarantees.Sofiya Consulting can introduce you to these services upon request.

Private Lending for Commercial real Estate projects

Do you have a commercial construction real estate project that require financing? We are affiliated with Investors that are looking to finance 100+ Million projects.We will listen and assess your needs and recommend the best solution for your need to access funding for your project.

Commodity Trade Facilitation

Through a network of commodity buyers and sellers we assist mining companies by connecting them with direct end users of their asset ,we seek to establish a long lasting relationship between the two parties so that maximum so that potential and profit is reached

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Latest news

BySofiya Oct 9, 2019

Bank to Bank Project Loan Program

We have access to a Project Loan program that works with local banks to finance your projects worldwide, the average term rate 3.5% and provided

BySofiya Sep 9, 2019

Do you need a Surety Bond or a Performance Bond?

Our provider can support your exports or projects by providing a performance bond or surety bond on behalf of the supplier/contractor.  

Seed funding
BySofiya Jun 16, 2019

Raise Seed Capital For Projects With No Upfront Fees

I am excited to report that we have a connection with a private funding program that can help selected companies  raise Capital for projects ris

BySofiya May 28, 2019

Holidays by Design

John and Faith are always tagged by their peers as Young Millennial Executives. Everyone in the office knows that they like to ride their bikes t

BySofiya Dec 10, 2018

Project Funding Through Managed Trade Progams

  We can facilitate raising capital for any infrastructure and renewable energy projects anywhere in the world except sanctioned countrie

BySofiya Apr 22, 2018

SBLC/BG Provider with no upfront fees

Finding a reliable SBLC/BG provider can be very hard and can cause a headache. If you do a search for " SBLC Provider" on google chances you will

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